Chapter Two (1)
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Chapter Two

As Luke walked across to the small cottages, he hoped Mia would be around, just to double-check that she hadn’t been a mirage. Instead he found Mr Cortez alone.

‘I met your daughter today, I assume you are Mr Cortez?’ Luke asked. ‘She is very beautiful—if you don’t mind me saying?’

Mr. Cortez laughed. ‘She takes after her mother, they are very alike, in manners, personality,’ he said, ‘and their dreams.’ He poured two glasses of brandy and handed one to Luke, gesturing for him to sit on the ageing sofa.

‘What does your daughter dream of?’ he asked curiously, and then regretted asking. He usually tried not to find out about the women in his life.

‘To be free,’ was the other man’s simple an...

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