Chapter One (1)
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Chapter One

She’d fallen asleep on the job! She was supposed to be on her best behaviour. She’d had strict instructions to do her chores and then disappear for the afternoon. Instead, she’d sat down halfway through brushing up the veranda and closed her eyes for a minute. That must have been at least an hour ago and now a mystery man was here studying her, knowing her luck, he was probably the new owner.

He was clean-shaven and as a lock of his dark brown hair fell across his forehead, still she lay there on the swinging bench. Mia was in a half-dreamy, half in awe state. He was so close, how long had he been there? His blue eyes were intently watching her. If her senses weren’t so suddenly alert she’d think she was still dreaming.

As she looked up at him crouched on the decking, she felt disorientated. His gaze enticingly pulled her in, commanded her attention. It was a gaze she already knew; she’d seen this man before, felt the power of his presence deep within her. Mia opened her mouth to speak but didn’t know what to say. His eyes lowered to her lips; she noticed the shape of his mouth too. It was delectable, not too full, but full enough to do unimaginable things.

She could easily fantasise about him kissing her but knew that she shouldn’t. She would never consider getting involved with this man. That didn’t stop her getting butterflies though, as she viewed his strong muscular frame; the contours perfect; he was definitely male model material. Maybe he was a model? She’d seen him in a hotel south of the island, and he’d been watching her with an expression of intrigue, like he was today.  She wished she had paid more attention to just who exactly her aunt had said was taking over the estate. But her mind had been on helping organise the celebrations for her aunt’s birthday, as well as updating her floristry portfolio, especially as she was getting more interest in her work.

Her thoughts shot back to the beautiful man before her.  He hadn’t moved one inch, so Mia decided she must, ‘I’m sorry,’ she gushed, sitting up.  But as she did she immediately caught him looking down. Mia realized her pretty but impractical floral buttons had popped open on her vest, revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

‘I take it you’re the welcoming committee,’ he drawled, his husky English accent as sexy as hell. Mia leapt up, trying to retain some dignity, and fled into the house as she heard somebody else walking up the steps. Great very discreetly dealt with Mia, just expose yourself then run!

‘I see you’ve become acquainted with the locals?’ She heard another voice say, the realtor perhaps?  Had he been waiting in the car? She hadn’t even heard any cars pulling up to the estate and now he was climbing the steps. Good, hopefully he would be a distraction and she could slip away. 

Mia stood inside the house, holding her breath. As she exhaled, her bosom felt heavy and tingly. She closed her eyes and tried to recollect herself. She had no idea whether her new boss had recognised her; if he had, it could be a major problem. Her secret job working at the tourist hotels might not be to his liking, as much as it wouldn’t be to her families either. She couldn’t risk him finding out. She needed to disappear now.


On the veranda, the heat Luke felt matched the tropical climate. It was rare for him to feel like this and with this much intensity. He frequently met beautiful women whilst travelling around the world, but no one had had this much impact on him in such a short space of time. He had seen this woman before and had been preoccupied by her then – too preoccupied. He’d nearly had the audacity to approach her and ask her out on a date, but changed his mind given the fact that she was with another man and that wasn’t really his style. Also, the man in question had owned the luxurious hotel Luke was staying in and as Luke had been set to become serious competition with his own planned developments, he hadn’t wanted to rub him up the wrong way.

He doubted for a minute whether it really was her. However, he knew he could never mistake those eyes. She’d glanced in his direction while she ate with Mr Evangelides, a man much older than herself and her eyes glowed like jewels. For the rest of the evening it had been hard to concentrate on his date as their eyes kept catching every now and then. He’d been with a stunning, blonde supermodel; his usual type, and yet he’d found the dark haired, golden-eyed mystery of a woman across the a la carte restaurant far more compelling. At one point Klara had asked him what he was so fascinated by, clearly noticing he was distracted.

When Klara had disappeared to the bathroom, he’d willed the sugar daddy to leave too, but he hadn’t, so he’d just watched some more, finding it hard to peel his eyes away. Observing that when the mysterious woman laughed her eyes sparkled, and when she listened, she tilted her head just slightly, showing off her elegant neck. He’d been mesmerised further as she’d tried to pin back a loose curl that was bouncing gently free from her updo, but it just escaped again. It had made him smile and she’d looked his way, for a moment, a pleasurable moment one of mutual recognition that there lay an attraction between them.

As Klara re-emerged from the bathroom he had turned away, but his thoughts were taken up with the other woman. When Klara kissed him, he wished he could have ended the date with her there and then. He didn’t see anything in Klara of remote interest and it had made him feel somewhat guilty when he realised the different reactions he had towards both women. It’s desire, he told himself that night, when he reflected back on the instant attraction he’d felt across the room towards a complete stranger. Desire…it would and could lead to a whole lot of other emotions that he didn’t want to feel. He couldn’t help but wonder though, whom the lovely young woman was and why she was keeping company with an older man. Was he her lover? He knew Mr Evangelides wasn’t married with children.

He could have asked the restaurant or hotel staff who she was, but then alarm bells had rang; they always did when he had interest or concern for anyone or even worse, feelings of jealousy. So he’d forgotten about her and, now for some strange reason,...Continue Reading

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