Chapter One: "Boys Don't Cry" (2)
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tried to sweep it under the rug. Instead, he complimented me for picking a fine cut of meat and Al for getting the doneness right. Right as we were enjoying our plateful of pinkish charred meat and mashed potatoes, Rosario once again decides to butt in.

“You know, I’d tell you to get a real job, but I don’t think they’d accept a lowlife like yourself,” she tells me in Tagalog, her native tongue. At this point, I’m close to snapping. The blood is rushing to my head. I am breathing heavily, and my right hand is shivering from rage being pulled by a thin line of self-restraint. Instead, I look her in the eye with a deep, blank stare. 

Out of nowhere, she grabs the glass of water nearest to her and throws it at my face. Staring right back...

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Table of Contents

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