Fear the Reaper
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Belinda had been moved to a space that had once been a GNC vitamin store and was now fitted out as an infirmary. It was on the lower level of the mall, near to one of the doors leading to the outside. Sonia had set up a perimeter around the room in case Belinda was contagious, so I was masked up as I entered.

The small room was dark and hot, the glass door closed and shuttered against the light from the mall. Sonia had her back to me as she bent over the old woman lying on one of the beds. I could see Belinda’s frail chest rising and falling with each labored breath. And then Sonia made a gesture, more of a twitch, really, and Belinda stopped breathing altogether. There was not even a death rattle. One moment she was alive and the next she wasn’t. I must have made some kind of a no...

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Table of Contents

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