One Plus Magic Equals Two (1)
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The pain was intense as the dog clamped its jaws shut. It was a big dog, a male rottweiler that probably outweighed me by twenty pounds. I was just about to pass out from the pain when I saw the glint of a silver buckle. Realizing my assailant was wearing a collar, I grabbed it and started twisting as hard as I could, hoping to choke the dog out. Eventually he collapsed and unlocked. I was bleeding pretty badly but when I pulled down the scrub pants, all I saw was puncture wounds, no tearing. Telling myself the wounds would stop bleeding on their own, I headed into the woods as fast as I could limp. I wanted to put as much distance between me and the dog as I could.

My leg really hurts, I thought, but forced myself to keep moving. I knew the dog would be able to track me beca...

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