The Epitome of Cool
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It’s a warm Friday afternoon, not quite summer but it’s so close you can smell the Coppertone on Ocean City’s boardwalk from where you stand on this side of the Chesapeake Bay, and you’re pumping gas at the Pep Up off University Boulevard, hustling from one customer to the next, your jeans pocket bulging from the ones and fives you’ve shoved in there so you can get to the next customer before Danny Manascarco does, because while you like him and his older brother Sal did get you the job, after all, you want to be the one who shows up at Beltway Plaza at seven o’clock, flashing your big wad of cash at the movie theatre, buying the girl behind you in line at the concession stand a box of popcorn and a Sprite just because you can. You wipe down the windshield of Mike Reedy&r...

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