Ingjaldur's Crown
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     Hrefna Freyjugydhja was not only Asa's best friend and most trusted counselor, but she was also (as her by-name implied) a powerful priestess and oracle of the Vana-goddess Freyja. So when Hrefna received prophecies from her goddess that instructed Asa to “seek Ingjaldur's crown,” Asa took Hrefna's words seriously, even if she could make little sense of them, at first.

     Asa Ragnvaldardottir, better known as Asa Eidhsvardhkona, Asa Oathkeeper, thought she knew who the “Ingjaldur” mentioned in the oracle must be. Ingjaldur hinn Illradhi, Ingjaldur “the Ill-ruler”, the Last King of the Sviar, was a well-known legend. Over a century ago, when the Sviar still had kings, Ingjaldur was their last king. He was infamous because he h...

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