The Harp of the Sisters
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    Throughout the North in Midhgardhur the tale called “The Harp of the Sisters” has been long been one of the most popular stories, whether recited by free folk beside the campfires on the fjords of Nyrheimur or sung by skalds in the royal court of Skiringssalur in Kaupangur. This version of that sad tale was recorded by Hakon Finehair the Skald of Helsingor in the eight hundred and ninety-ninth year since the founding of the demon-haunted Norrani Imperium:

   Once upon a time, long ago, there lived two sisters in Noregur, daughters of a prosperous yeoman named Svanur, hence known as the Svansdotur. Svanur and his daughters dwelt in the mountainous Upplond region, not far from the icy Sjoa River that flows down into Gudhbrandsdalur. Svanur's estate was known as Svansstadhir, or &ldquo...

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