The Tale of Ingjaldur the Mad
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     It is well known in the North that the Sviar do not have kings, but are ruled by the jarls they elect and godhar and gydhjur who interpret the will of the gods. The Hrafnstolinn, the Raven Throne of the Sviar, stands empty, and none may claim it, save perhaps Odhinn himself, should the king of the gods ever wish to do so. No mortal has worn the Raven Crown since the time of King Ingjaldur, who is commonly remembered as Ingjaldur hinn Illradhi - “Ingjaldur the Unready,” “Ingjaldur the Ill-Advised,” or, more commonly, “Ingjaldur the Mad.” This is the tale of Ingjaldur's rise and fall, pieced together from accounts found in the library of the Great Temple of Uppsalir. 


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