The Tale of Halfdanur the Black
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This account of King Halfdanur Svarti, the father of King Haraldur (who laid all of Noregur under his dominion in order to win the hand of the Dark Valkyrie, Queen Gydha), probably belongs to the same tradition as the Gray Book of Husavik, in which is found The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper. The original manuscript was apparently written at Husavik, the dwelling-place of the legendary Asa Ragnvaldardottir, though it has since been copied many times, and none can say who originally recorded it. Sages from across the realms of the North have said that they believe that the majority of this account is accurate, for many details correlate with other lorebooks concerning those times. 


Chapter One – King Halfdanur the Black (840 N.Y.) 


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