Wolf's Head - Runestones of Rys, part 1
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Author's Note: This story was originally written as the first in a series requested for a forthcoming fantasy RPG zine. The zine never happened, and the "Runestones of Rys" project was put on hold. The story "Wolf's Head" was never posted to "Tales From Midhgardhur" before because it was part of a separate project, even though it is set in the world of Midhgardhur as well. I have notes for an extensive series, and I shall be pursuing the project when I can, but in the meantime, enjoy the first installment! 


    It was Thorrablot, the Feast of Frost, the first full moon of the new year, being the nine hundred and second year since the foundation of the doomed and demon-haunted Norrani Imperium. The folk of Ulfsey...

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