Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, Chapter 2, Part 1
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Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, Chapter 1 - "The Bay of Jomali" - Part 1

NOTE: For a number of reasons, my usual schedule of short stories has been delayed; rather than leave my fans with nothing to read, I am previewing some of the opening chapters of Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, the upcoming sequel to The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper:



      Alof Haraldsdottir took after her mother, Queen Gydha, so the keening wails of the men and women being tortured did not bother her at all; indeed, she rather enjoyed the sound. But she was eager to get on with the pursuit of Asa Ragnvaldardottir and her wretched band of rebels. Alof did not understand the delay. Nay, it was worse than that. She did understand, and ...

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