Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, Chapter 1, Part 2
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Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, Chapter 1 - "Among the Karjalar" - Part 2

NOTE: For a number of reasons, my usual schedule of short stories has been delayed; rather than leave my fans with nothing to read, I am previewing some of the opening chapters of Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, the upcoming sequel to The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper:


    The Karjalar had set up a crude high seat near the center of their camp, with a great roaring fire in front of it. This was where the chieftain held court with their shaman, their chief wizard, and their bravest warriors. Asa's party was escorted to this place and permitted to sit on benches hewn from rough logs, positioned facing the high seat. After a few moments, the chieftain and his couns...

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