Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, Chapter 1, Part 1
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Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, Chapter 1 - "Among the Karjalar" - Part 1

NOTE: For a number of reasons, my usual schedule of short stories has been delayed; rather than leave my fans with nothing to read, I am previewing some of the opening chapters of Asa Oathkeeper Among the Giants, the upcoming sequel to The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper:


    In the summer of the nine hundredth year from the foundation of the demon-haunted Norrani Imperium, the enchanted longship known as Hefndarthorsti had arrived in the frigid waters of Hvitahaf, the White Sea, which was also known as Gandvik, the “Bay of Serpents,” in the heart of the part of Bjarmaland known as Karjaland. The first name of that sea, Hvitah...

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