The Gorgonades Shipwreck
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     Radhvaldur swallowed seawater and prayed to Ran, goddess of drowned men, that she not drag him down to her realm. Let this not be my end!  

     A storm raged all around, black clouds stretched to the horizons in all directions, as deafening thunder boomed directly overhead. The storm had come from nowhere, or so it had seemed, but no Northerner had ever sailed these waters and returned to boast of it, so who could say what was normal or natural under these strange skies? As far as the crew of the Uxinn knew, they were the first Northerners to sail out of the sheltered sea of the South they called the Midhjardharhaf, through the straits called the Pillars of Melkartes, and into the southern reaches of the Promethean Ocean, turning s...

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