Vikings and Vrykolakes
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    Olafur and Eirikur were spending another miserable night on watch just a few miles upriver from their base. They were both Vaeringar, Northerners who had sought their fortunes in the great Palnorran Empire of the south, traveling down the Vylga River to the city they called Miklagardhur. Well, the folk of the North called it that, but the city had many other names, most commonly Argyropolis in the Palnorran tongue - the “Silver City.” Having grown tired of being treated as servants, if not slaves, by soft southern aristocrats too spoiled and weak to do their own fighting, Olafur and Eirikur had begun traveling back up the Vylga, but had found a better opportunity for fortune and glory with the Samara river pirates. The Samara pirates raided river traffic on the Vylga from their b...

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