Luck of the Lytlingar
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    Come in, come in! Welcome! Sit down, please! What can I get you? A fine choice! Here you are, then! Enjoy!

     What? Aye, the rumor you heard about me is true – I was a companion of the great runecaster Heruli! For years, I journeyed all over Midhgardhur by that old wizard's side, helping him in my own humble way, when I could. Heruli used to call me his “good luck charm,” which I always found rather patronizing, to be honest, but that is what folk say of my kind, and I suppose even the great Heruli was not immune to superstition. Or perhaps there was something to it; I don't claim to know the ways of fate and fortune. I always thought that the wizard was lucky for me, not the other way around.

     Me? Well, I am call...

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Table of Contents

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