In Search of Romance
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      Pau of Besiers sailed around the Pirinioak Mountains from the Kingdom of Septimania to the port of Yazirat in the Caliphate of Nonorra in search of romance. Pau could afford to do that sort of thing; he was wealthy, a distant cousin of the Vicomte de Besiers. He had the leisure to travel and indulge his passions. Pau's current passion was literature. He fancied himself quite the composer, and had grown obsessed with the romantic literature of chivalry that was becoming quite popular throughout southern Gaunorria.

     The forms of the romantic songs and poetry of Gaunorria were heavily influenced by new musical instruments and new ideas introduced by the paynim overlords of Nonorra.So it was to Nonorra that Pau went in search of inspiration for the romances he wish...

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