The Knocker In The Dark
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     I'm going to die down here. I know that now.

     It was foolish to come to this place. But I trusted Muli Raudhason; that was my undoing. Muli can mean “mule” in our tongue, and those who know Muli Raudhason have always called him the Old Mule. Well, the Old Mule always had a nose for profit, so when he brought an opportunity to me and my colleagues, we always paid attention. This time, some of his agents reported discovering a site for a new iron mine in the Upplond, so he had sent an expedition out here immediately, not certain if he could believe the tale.

     The reports were true. The prospectors had discovered an abandoned iron mine of the dvergar, the dwarves, in the foothills of the Jarnhryygur mountains of the Upplon...

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Table of Contents

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