Knight of the Green Chapel
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     Ours is an ancient land. Most of the peasants hereabouts have no idea of our history, but as my father would say, they are oafish serfs, or as the abbot would say, ignorant louts. I have the benefit of an education at the Abbey of Sanctus Hilarius. I have the benefit of an education because of my noble birth as a scion of the House of Thyar, Vicomtes de Charanta, and because of my father's intention that as third son, I, Gratien de Thyar, should join the clergy of the Hierarchy and thus bring honor to our family and tie us to the Church. For that is the way of noble families in Gaunorria – the eldest son is designated heir to the title, the second son is trained for the knighthood (with the unspoken assumption that such training will make them fit to bear the title if...

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