Hjalti's First Holmganga
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Author's Note: I feel that I ought to explain that this particular story was the result of a challenge to write a Midhgardhur story with only 55 words. It is meant to be an exploration of the first time Hjalti, a character who appears in The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper: A Midhgardhur Fantasy, faces holmganga, a type of duel of personal combat. It is therefore understood that this story is set long before The Saga of Asa Oathkeeper, when Hjalti was just a young man who had just taken service with Jarl Ragnvaldur. I imagined that the setting was a thing, specifically the Haugathing, during the reign of King Halfdanur the Black over Vestfold. The term hamingja, which is untranslated in the story, refers to a sense of luck and personal fortune and destiny. 


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