Chapter Twenty-One (Cara) (1)
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Exhausted, Cara let the book fall closed beside her in bed.  She meant to wake up her mom to talk, but instead fell into a deep motionless sleep.

The next morning, her mother tapped at her door and then entered with a cup of tea.

“Cara?  Honey?  Can I come in?” 

She nodded and her mother sat gingerly at the far edge of Cara’s bed.  She looked at her mother and blinked.

“Cara, are you okay?  Please, I’ve been so worried.  Did you finish the book?”

“Yes mom.  Let’s go for a walk, okay?  I need a few minutes to wake up.”

“Of course.  I’m sorry to bother you.  I just couldn’t stand to think you were unhappy.”...

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