A Remembered Pattern
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All of life was to be savored, 

devoured and sucked clean, 

but I am deaf and dumb. 

I can no longer measure my passions. 

My hands are tied behind me. 

One sense removed and I am crippled. 

All comparisons fall flat and lifeless. 

I am angry and heartbroken all in a moment. 

The loneliness is unbearable. 

I will betray myself if I return to you.

So I cower in the corner and hope the color will return,

to my life if I just wait long enough.

First I am too full of confidence now.

I am a flightless bird, a counterfeit coin.

I am the empty shell that once was too small to hold me. 

The longing for you has devoured me, 

my insides empty, 


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Table of Contents

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