My Love
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The silver in your hair, the twinkle in your eyes surrounded by crinkly skin.

The way you never turn me away, never ask me why, and just say okay. 

When you are quiet, it never makes me nervous.

I know the thoughts, you are thinking, are gentle. 

When I say "No" you honour me with acceptance, ask me for no explanations. 

I carry no armor, no shield, when I am with you.

They are heavy and unnecessary.

You are not scared by my burgeoning strengh, not lessened by my becoming more. 

When I talk too much you just listen; when I cry you do not try to fix me. 

When I run ahead you calmly wait for my return. 

When I forget your pain you simply declare, you are glad I can forget. 

When I i...

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Table of Contents

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