Black Eyed Susan
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I pay homage to all of my sisters.
My sisters who were force fed,
and summarily starved.
Those broken and mended,
all against their own will.

A will that we learn to suppress.
Love wasted on the unworthy.
Hope grown without sun light.
Monsters disguised as allies.
Hiding out in small spaces,
we mistake for safe havens.

I light candles in my mind.
Name buildings after you.
Sing songs of your survival.
Celebrate the children you raised,
with the strength you hide away. 
Away from view,
in orifices left empty by pain,
that you decorated 
with all you were denied.

You know who you are,
You recognize me.
Your beauty lives in my and other souls,
and will never be forgotten.

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Francisca Staines      9/21/21 12:03 PM

Forceful yet so evocative and truthful. Beautiful in the awfulness it portrays and the strength it celebrates.

Tianna Mercier      9/21/21 3:19 PM

Thank you Francisca. Celebrating that strength is what this series is about.