Falling Head Over Heels For Fall
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I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  I could smell the rain soaked earth as my nose tingled from the chill in the air.  It was fall and that solitary deep breath could hold a smile on my lips for the day.  The trees have changed to golden yellows, oranges and fiery reds.  You can just FEEL Fall.  I would say it was my favorite time of year, but that would be a lie.  There are things about every season that take my breath away or warm my heart.  These are the things that tickle one sense or another and have me thinking that,

‘Hey, this here life thing, it ain’t the worst.’

I giggled like a bit of a lunatic as I grabbed my coffee that morning and ran to the closet to start pulling out blankets and jackets, sweaters and scarves.  I...

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