An Introvert Learns Perspective Projection And Survives
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It was a good day today.  The sun was shining, birds were singing kind of day.  My hair, normally going frizz crazy and calling for a messy bun after an hour, actually held loose bouncy curls and my makeup was seriously on point.  Things seemed to be coming up roses for me......sooooo why was I feeling kinda blue?

Being an introvert, 99% of the time is perfectly fine for me.  I love being alone with my thoughts, simply reading a good book or playing my guitar.  I seldom feel the need to interact with others for entertainment or enjoyment, it's just not something my soul desires.  I would rather go for a quiet hike in the woods or drive to the mountains than go hang out with friends or go to a club.  It's not that I can't be social, when the mood strikes m...

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