Merry Meet!
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Ahhhh the first entry!  Always the most breathtakingly nervous part of starting any book or article, blog or well anything that demands I, the writer, captures you, the reader’s attention.  Shall I use wit or humor?  Should I go for shock value or a sense of instant companionship?  Shall I be obviously and blissfully full of shite?

No, how about I just say welcome!  Thank you for joining me in my new series.  I must admit I have long waited the time when the very atoms in my body would detach themselves from the constant awareness of the shadows that I required to write my other series 'Enter My Darkness'.  Walking squinting into the light I find myself blinking away tears of dust and straining to see all the beautiful things I had long since forgotten.

I took a walk the other day, well, in reality I tried to defy the laws of physics & gravity and attempted to not sink into the mud that entrenched my favorite forest trails, to no avail.  As you can guess I ended up with a handsome pair of brown shoes that were once a lovely hot pink!  Instead of cursing the mud and my foolishness I looked down on the mess with a small bit of pride.  Because even though I had slightly damaged my favorite pair and had a chore of cleaning them soon, the mess represented to me that I had FINALLY been outside!  I had gone back to my trails and meditated in the forest in my special spot by the river.  I had gone out and opened myself up again, which was long overdue.  Picture one of those scenes in a movie where the young adults rent a furnished cabin in the woods and after throwing open doors and windows and whisking off sheets from furniture the musty smell is disappearing while the dust flies and glitters in the sunlight.  That is how I felt finally alone and relaxed in my woods by my river in my silence.

This is what I hope to share with you.  In this series it will be wonderfully beautiful chaos.  I have never done well mixing creativity and formality such as a structured set of entries, the reason I always choose a journal style series as opposed to a story with chapters and story lines.  I must be free to bounce between conversing with you as though we had long lost and now found our uniquely peaceful friendship again.  Offering up to you entries of my day and situations I must share with someone as my circle of friends grows so much smaller with age, and love letters I have written demanding to be felt by more hearts than the one that gave it a voice.  I must attempt to release the budding need for poetry I have recently felt trying to bubble and burst from my fingertips faster than I can type (Oh thank goodness for spell check!)  But most of all an opportunity to share and perhaps bond through words on a screen with those accused of being the same empathic doormat whom took to heart the fable of the broken plate and the torn papers.  I am here, typing away, a stranger Gaia knows how far from you as you read this, trying to let you know there is someone just like you struggling through the world we find ourselves in. 

The perfect balance to my other series I have hopes that in writing for them both I can reach two very different types of readers and that balance will keep me whole.

Thank you for subscribing to my series, as always the comments are a wonderful way to reach me and let me know what you would like to read or what you expected from the cover.  Perhaps you have a situation or circumstance that you feel can’t possibly be viewed from a positive perspective?  I challenge you to reach out to me, and I may very well shift your perceptions.

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