By Michael Hendwr

Michael Hendwr      5/12/17 5:10 PM

Dear Readers, Well finally we're back! Apologies for the lengthy delay. I've charted and made visible all forthcoming chapters for the series, going through to the end of the year, which will mark exactly one year since the series started. I've committed to sticking to these dates, so have no fear! :) Well... at least, no fear about the content coming out on time. There's plenty to be feared in the world of Strickland...bwahahahaha! ;) As always, I welcome feedback, input, what you'd like to see more of, etc for this series and for future and upcoming series and content. I want to express my thanks for you as readers and fellow writers. It's your support and readership that keep me sustained, inspired, and motivated as a writer. With great appreciation, MH

Michael Hendwr      4/19/17 3:48 PM

Hi Readers! Well, due to a very busy past couple months, I've decided to change the frequency of chapters/episodes to monthly as opposed to every 2 weeks. I also try to put out a fair amount of content for each one, so it's probably sufficient. :) I always welcome any feedback, insight, input, recommendations, etc that can be posted here or shared to me directly at my email: I hope you are all doing very well, and I apologize for the significant delay since the last chapter. I'm adjusting the release dates for upcoming ones, so look for Mattie's return very soon! As always thank you so much for your readership. It means a great deal to me. :) With great appreciation, MH

Michael Hendwr      3/14/17 3:42 AM

Dear Readers: Jet lag is beaten, things are mostly back on the track of everyday routine, and Strickland is back on with two new chapters, and a third coming soon by the end of this week. Enjoy! :) -MH

Michael Hendwr      2/24/17 9:00 AM

Hi Dear Readers, February has been full of interruptions, for which I apologize. First it was flu, and now it's travel. I am currently at the tail end of a long trip to Japan. Despite my best intentions to update the series, I've failed to do so. Between exploring beautiful temples and shrines among snowy mountains, and relishing the sights and sounds, feelings and flavors of this amazing country, I've been swept away. I can surely imagine how much Mattie Strickland would probably enjoy a vacation here. She hasn't been there yet, but maybe will end up going someday. I can probably imagine her studying abroad in Tokyo, collecting omamori amulets and getting addicted to canned coffee. Now if she can only get out the increasingly weird situation that she's caught up in, maybe she'll get there... Mattie will be back next week, dealing with everything, so that maybe she can see Japan one day, and love it as I have. Yours truly, MH

Michael Hendwr      2/09/17 11:35 AM

And we're back! Bronchitis mostly beaten, new chapter is available, and subsequent one soon to follow. Thanks for your patience and apologies again. :) Enjoy!

Michael Hendwr      2/07/17 2:47 AM

Deep apologies to my readers, as I've been recovering from a particularly awful flu/bronchitis for the last couple weeks. Stay tuned for the new chapter coming up soon, followed very soon after by another one, on time for the middle of the month. My apologies again, and best wishes to all!

Jae Mazer      1/31/17 1:37 PM

I'm loving this series! It's beautiful written, chilling, and intriguing. Great use of imagery and character development to set the tone. Very excited to read more!
Michael Hendwr      1/31/17 1:54 PM
Thanks very much Jae! Delighted to have you as a reader, and so glad you're enjoying it! More to come soon for Mattie and her chilling adventures...

Michael Hendwr      12/16/16 5:10 PM

Hi Readers: Hopefully you're enjoying the series. I've had a lot of fun writing it, and am very appreciative of Channillo as a wonderful literary forum. I've done a double release for the premiere of this series, and you can find them both available now! Chapter 1: Great Transformations Chapter 2: Double, Toil, Trouble Happy reading & stay tuned for Chapter 3: Pyewacket! Honored to be writing for you. Humbly yours, MH

Michael Hendwr      12/10/16 4:31 PM

Hi Readers: Please note that I've changed the protagonist's name from Molly to Matilda ("Mattie" for short). I made the decision 1) due to another character named Molly who begins to figure into my novel series somewhat prominently, and 2) to use the name Matilda for a protagonist. It's a name I've had on hold and wanting to use for some time, it also being the name of a wonderful pet I had, and of the great queen of England, "Matilda of Blessed Memory." Cheers!

Michael Hendwr      12/01/16 11:42 PM

Hi Readers: Thanks for your interest in the series. 'Strickland' will debut on December 15, 2016. Honored to be writing for you, -MH

Michael Hendwr      12/01/16 2:19 PM

Excerpt: Molly opened the blinds, outside was her world. The snail crawling along her windowsill slowly moved across a piece of lettuce she had put there the day before. The rain pattered softly against the window. Across the street, Mrs. Keenan was jamming two overfull trash bags into soggy plastic containers, cursing loudly as she did so. Wixom, Massachusetts, Florence Street. This was her world and her life. "A world that would only get bigger and a life that would get more complicated", Professor Joyce had told them in class that day. The devil lurks everywhere, they say, walking to and fro. In a strange and sudden glance from a neighbor’s eye, he can seem strongest when we least expect it. Molly shuddered and closed the blinds, her heart pounding. What does the world hold, what will these days bring? She looked at her digital clock, and the LED told her it was time to go to school.
Michael Hendwr      12/16/16 5:11 PM
"Prototype" excerpt that you'll notice has changed substantially, but was the basis to form up some of the early background of the character and her world, and set the general tone for the series as well.

Michael Hendwr      12/01/16 2:14 PM

Welcome to "Strickland", a new mystery series that centers around Molly Strickland, a senior-year student at a small school in central Massachusetts. Molly's life is transformed when one of her classmates disappears. Soon, echoes of an ancient curse begin to reverberate in Molly's life and hidden aspects of her ordinary world are exposed.