STORMBREAK Episode 66: Eyes Out
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Previously, in Stormbreak: Mac has a target area of operations (AO) in which he and his helicopter rescue crews will search for survivors…

They were trained. They had experience. Mac brought the bird low to the highest rooftop level (as recommended by his vector orders) and coursed like an arrow toward the outskirts of Merida. A work town, an industrial town, full of warehouses, refineries, and the homes of working class families. Not a lot in terms of parks, arts districts, or the enclaves of the rich. Flat, mostly, Merida gave off an unassuming, humble feel. Or it did on any ordinary day. This was not an ordinary day.

The outer buildings, consisting of low-tech modest factories, storehouses, and their service satellites, had ceased to exist in any logical way. The rows of...

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