STORMBREAK Episode 65: Target Area
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Previously, in Stormbreak: The hurricanes have come early, and they've come in bunches. Mac and his Search and Rescue (SAR) team are flying in behind a Category 2 storm…

Mac held tightly to the cyclic stick, feeling through every muscle of his body the battering his ship endured. The black rage of the storm pummeled him, tearing sounds of wrenching steel and quaking component parts from throughout the bird. The SAR crew hunkered silently in back, not wanting to do or say a thing that could distract their pilot. He flew through the backside of a hurricane, after all. Any mistake he made would be suffered by all aboard.

Mac had incentive to not get distracted. Aside from the obvious threat of death, fourteen of his ships had been vectored toward Honduras. Only six r...

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