STORMBREAK Episode 63: Into the Storm
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Previously, in Stormbreak: A meteorological disturbance hints that Mac and Xena's Stormbreak faction will get busy over the Yucatan...

Mac leaned over the Local Area Communications Officer in the Control Center aboard Flatbed II. The deck rolled slightly, so he held to an overhead stanchion. He didn't think he'd lose his balance, but neither did he want to land in the guy's lap due to hubris. "Argentina is prepped," he yelled down to the desktop mic. "We have France on standby, too, but it'll be thirty-six hours from the minute they deploy to landing in the operations area, so they aren't gonna be any help."

"What about Texas?" Xena called over the net. Lots of static there. The storm gave her a lashing. "Surely they're on board....

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