STORMBREAK, Episode 60: The Sangria Speaking
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The Old Friends Hanging Out scenario didn't begin smoothly. Besides the summit in God's -- er, Ellen's -- room, they had to take a company car back to Mac's place so he could shower and dress like a human being. As a consequence, Mac endured deep, unceasing ribbing about the bachelor messiness of his pig sty apartment. Ellen joked that she should probably shower herself, just to get the funk off. Which of course led to more uneasiness as Mac tried to head off the image of Ellen showering.

He castigated himself as an evil, despicable man, but he still ran the video in his imagination and caught himself leering at her in that dress. When she wasn't looking, of course.

When it came time to dress, Ellen remained in charge. She vetoed his most comfortable choices, hemming him...

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