STORMBREAK Episode 58: Nervous Negotiations
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The air conditioning pumped a frosty breeze into the conference room, but over twenty bodies squeezed in there to mitigate its efforts. Ten line pilots sat around the long table with Mac, Xena, and Saeed. Then there were four maintenance specialists, the SAR team manager, and all of Saeed's staff pressed along the walls without benefit of chairs. Most did not speak though all were attentive. This was the first time the boss had paid them a visit. No one assumed he would do so for no reason.

Mac, however, already knew the reason. He listened, yes, but he had seen the reports that came across his and Xena's desks, so he had the Cliff Notes and he was sleepy from sitting in that convection oven park. So he sat back in his chair and decided to hit up Xena later for her notes. She always took such c...

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