STORMBREAK Episode 54: You Have Zoom
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Previously, in Stormbreak: Mac and company have teturned from Haiti...

Two days later, all Stormbreak personnel at Addison Airfield crowded into one of the many classrooms before a seventy-five-inch TV erected at the front for their attention.

"We got any idea what this is about?" Bird asked Mac as they pressed shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else.

"No idea," Mac answered, looking around. Literally everyone seemed to be there, even down to grease monkeys and payroll admin. There was Xena, taller than most, and Jarhead. Phoenix, Warhawk, and all the other instructors, pilots, and student pilots. The classroom was hot and starting to smell.

Then God hobbled in on her crutches, a plastic boot immobilizing her lower leg. Phoenix helped her to a chair,...

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