STORMBREAK Episode 51: Treatment and Recovery
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Previously in Stormbreak: Mac, Mave, and the news crew ride along in the medevac APC to deliver patients to the Airmobile Medical team and to check in on their injured man, Nusagi...

The Mi-26 helicopter dominated the parking lot of a gated casino-hotel. Clear plastic curtains guarded the open hole of its cargo bay and a nurse's station at a plastic field desk stood sentry at the base of its ramp. Across the parking lot hunkered two CH-47 Chinooks set off from the Mil by their distinctive front and rear engine towers and two horizontal rotor assemblies. The cars that had made landing so difficult just the night before had vanished, towed off by private contractors and the government. So the few SUVs and the ARTEC Boxer had free reign to maneuver between the aircraft and the feed...

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