STORMBREAK, Episode 50: Evac
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Previously in Stormbreak: Mac, Mave, and the news crew ride along in the medevac APC to pick up patients inaccessible by helicopter.

The ramp slapped mud. Mac, Mave, and the news crew shuffled for the exit, keeping left and right, as directed. But as they streamed out, another crowd streamed on, two men supporting a litter and a third party, a woman, holding an IV bag over her head. All of them wore muddied SAR orange.

"Make a hole!" the woman bellowed unnecessarily as she and her crew barreled up the center of the ramp. As Mac and company stepped off into mud and tire-mangled grass, she plopped the IV bag onto the chest of the unfortunate occupant of the stretcher. She reached to the wall, yanked a few pins, and collapsed a metal gurney down into the space wh...

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