STORMBREAK Episode 46: Persuaded
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Previously, in Stormbreak: God is laid up with a busted leg. Mac pays her a visit at the medical facility, coming away with a feeling that she isn't the hard-ass he thought she was…

The rain had come to a fitful stop, cracking open the charcoal clouds to admit swaths of saturated blue. The sun shone through those holes, sparkling off the wet pavement and grass. Mist rose from the soaked ground, the water cycle cranking up again. When Mac left the recovery tent, he wiped his face to clear away a steadily more insistent sweat. What waited for him was something more uncomfortable than the rising humidity.

Miss Obiaka's entire crew ambushed him clear of the tent. The sound guy with his pole and fur-covered mic, the guide in his sensible khakis, and the...

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