STORMBREAK Episode 40: Below. Ground
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Previously, in Stormbreak: In the middle of an air rescue after a mudslide, the slope of the mountain gives way, causing an avalanche…

Hawkman jerked the chopper up and away from Bill and the mudslide survivor.

"What's this?" Mave yelled over intercom. "Go back for our man!"

"He can't," God shouted off-mic. "Debris could take out the aircraft!"

The intercom fell apart under the weight of multiple inputs. Mave and Gunner shouted for their man, God defended Hawkman's action, and the news lady tried to pry a word in to understand what was going on. Mac hit the off switch on his helmet to get a second of blessed peace to think in. He watched the tumbling wreckage of earth and rubble, hea...

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