STORMBREAK, Episode 37: Taxi Service
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Previously, in Stormbreak: Surprising new orders for Mac's SAR crew. A BBC TV crew has arrived at the airport lounge. Mac's people are their escorts, a suggestion that goes over like a lead brick…

Mac had his orders and could do nothing about them, so he bit back his grumbles and fell into the expected new routine. He fell into it outside, in the fitful drizzle, away from God, the reporters, and the suddenly loud protestations of the SAR crew.

Hawkman hurried out after him, falling into step as they angled toward the ship. "Messed up, huh?" he said, shaking his head. "Get all worked up to finally do our job, and bang! One run and we're a taxi."

"Yeah, whatever."

"You're taking it pretty good.&q...

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