STORMBREAK Episode 36: Haiti 9 -- Swallow It
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Previously, in Stormbreak: Surprising new orders for Mac's SAR crew. A BBC TV crew has arrived at the airport lounge. Mac's people are their escorts, a suggestion that goes over like a lead brick…

"Gentlemen, gentlemen." That was Mave, pushing into the center of things with her hands raised in supplication. "Clearly, there is some confusion. Let us work it out in good order. Bathroom's over there, miss, though I'd avoid touching anything, if you can. Mister Canonach, so pleasant to see a fellow Scot." Then she said something that wasn't English and the man said something back, and grinned. "So, Mister Dieufaite, we are, of course, at your service," Mave continued. "We go and do as Stormbreak command us."

Mac couldn...

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