STORMBREAK Episode 33: Haiti 6 -- The Business Side of Altruism
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Previously, in Stormbreak: Stormbreak flies into Marigot, Haiti to aid survivors of a mudslide. Things don't go entirely as planned. One of their own falls during a rescue and must be evacuated to medical care. An airmobile surgery forces a landing in a crowded car park…

In a raincoat, a radio in her pocket dialed to Flatbed Control, Ellen Shockley marched along the walkway hugging the perimeter below the flight deck. The lighting grayed everything almost to black and white. The sea, grumbling still if not hurling itself at the walkway, poured in long, heavy swells, like a giant rolling over. Ellen mounted the first flight of steps she found. Two landings, then the stairway opened up to the wide, flat deck of the barge.

The improvement of weather had been...

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