STORMBREAK Episode 32: Haiti 5 -- Airmobile Med. The Ambulance
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Previously, in Stormbreak: An airmobile surgery forces a landing in a crowded car park. They have incoming patients and not enough time to have the surgery ready. They've only now cleared the deck of the all-terrain ambulance, a specially built armored personnel carrier. As it drives out of the helicopter bay, they hear a terrible crunch of steel…

"All right, up!" Esparanza ordered. "Everyone, see to your duties. I don't care what that imbecile chief says. We have patients bearing down on us and no time to dawdle."

The ambulance commander -- for some reason they needed both a driver and a commander -- jogged into the rain storm, detached the exhaust hose, and began compressing it to its stowage position. The helicopter crew was up, havin...

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