STORMBREAK Episode 31: Haiti 4 -- Airmobile Med
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Previously, in Stormbreak: During a raging storm and mudslide, a boulder smashes into the mangled roof section holding a victim and one of Mac's search and rescue men. The SAR crewman and victim have been retrieved, now the chopper is medevacing them…

Hector Esperanza huddled close to his tablet, his ears covered by heavy-duty protective headphones to block the industrial racket of the roaring, vibrating helicopter. "What?" he complained. "Are you kidding? We can't take patients in five minutes. We haven't even landed yet."

"I'm sorry, doctor," the tinny voice of Observer Ground Dieufaite returned. "You are the first. And you were supposed to have landed thirty minutes ago."

"Well, we aren't landed....

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