STORMBREAK Episode 30: Haiti 3 -- Rescue. First Wave 2
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Previously, in Stormbreak: During a raging storm and mudslide, a boulder smashes into the mangled roof section holding a victim and one of Mac's search and rescue men…

The roof section, already mangled by catastrophe, blew apart like matchsticks under a hammer.

"Holy crap!"

"They're in the drink!"

"Keep on 'em! Keep on 'em! Swing that light!"

"Rig the winch, lads!"

Mac wrenched the helicopter to bring the searchlight beam onto their fallen crewman. He overshot, brought the nose back, almost had it, then the light veered off when Hawkman took control of it. They worked at cross-purposes. "Hands off, I'm steering the ship! There! Find 'em! I'm tracking along the flow!"


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