STORMBREAK, Episode 29: Haiti 2 -- Rescue. First Wave
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Previously, in Stormbreak: The helicopters are on the way to Marigot, a stricken city in Haiti…

"Getting Scout feeds," Hawkman said. "Shunting to your screens."

"Handle it. I can't." He really couldn't. Mac had enough screaming at his mind, what with flying almost entirely on instruments and fighting the random turbulence and generally growly nature of the storm. Then he had two other birds to keep track of, Xena in lead position and Jarhead on her right wing. They were a team, three birds acting in concert, so Mac had to watch and keep formation though the storm wanted to throw the ships against one another. Xena had it even worse. She had to keep track of other teams, too, those on her right and left, to ensure nobody crossed up territori...

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