STORMBREAK Episode 28: Haiti 1 -- Ground. Scout
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Previously, in Stormbreak: The helicopters are on the way to Marigot, a stricken city in Haiti…

Peterson Dieufaite, in his Wellington duck boots and heavy rubberized raincoat, was soaked through to the bones. He slipped and slid from his antiquated Mazda toward the Lenco Bearcat command truck with its doors thrown open, its back gate wide, and its four officers huddled over torchlight. They were as drenched as Dieufaite. Everyone was as drenched as everyone else. Nobody even thought to hide from the rain anymore.

When Dieufaite stumbled up to the truck and grabbed at the back gate for support, the officers barely noticed him.

"Welcome back, Mister Dieufaite." One of the men, a plump jowly one with a stubble of white beard highlighted on his coal-b...

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