STORMBREAK Episode 27: Release
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Previously, in Stormbreak: At Flatbed, Stormbreak's ocean-going base of operations, the Go order has come down for a rescue mission to Haiti…

By the time they got to the flight deck, the storm had lessened to an angry lash of slanted rain and charcoaled, grumbling clouds. The sea still tossed, but the vibration of powerful directional jets issued throughout the ship as they leveled the deck and kept the barge on station. Mac could still feel the roll of the waves, but no longer worried about stumbling, falling or getting washed overboard. Activity had gone from sitting and waiting to frenetic pre-flights and equipment loadouts, the flat upper deck of the barge swarming with crew.

"Get that lead out!" Mave shouted to two of her men as they jogged to their...

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