STORMBREAK Episode 26: Go Order
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Previously, in Stormbreak: At Flatbed, Stormbreak's ocean-going base of operations, Mac waits with other pilots and search and rescue crews while Stormbreak negotiates a rescue mission with Haiti…

Hours. They stayed in their box for hours. Occasionally, someone made a break for the restrooms, taking a partner in case they went overboard. Always fun to go overboard if you have someone to report your untimely death. Unless, of course, they went overboard, too.

Once, someone showed up with a bag full of sandwiches. They were soggy from spray and there was nothing to wash them down but bottled water. A few of the crew went green at the sight of food, but at least they knew someone was up there, doing something, that the flat-topped barge wasn't an aimlessly pitchin...

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