STORMBREAK Episode 25: Hurry Up and Wait
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Previously, in Stormbreak: At Flatbed, Stormbreak's ocean-going base of operations…

"We'll be better off sitting down," Hawkman said.

They staggered to the first bunk next to the door. The occupants squeezed over, making just enough room.

"So," Mac said once he jammed himself onto the mattress, his boots propped against the bench, "how long you folks been aboard?"

"Different times," Hawkman offered. "All in the last eight hours, though. Me, Icepick, and Torch flew our two birds in from Puerto Rico about four hours ago when the winds were right at the limit. That was some hairy landing, man."

"Icepick? Torch?"

Two pilots on the other side of the compartment leaned forward and w...

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